Unique Items to Enhance Your Super Bowl Food Display

Unique Items to Enhance Your Super Bowl Food Display

One of a kind products that will make your home feel like the Super Bowl stadium

What better way to show off your pride than with a cutting board to prove it?
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Leaf Boat - 100/$16.75

Give your guests the authentic feel of holding stadium food by serving hotdogs in one of these leaf boats.
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Billboard Picks - 100/$5.95

Advertise what's on the menu with these billboard-shaped picks.
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Football Picks - 100/$5.95

Draft picks to food picks. Bull rush your finger foods with a ton of football picks. 
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Skewer Display - $52.95

Bring the stadium to life by surrounding your appetizers with bleacher seats with a full crowd of food.
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Cone Stand - $22.25

Make this look like the players benches on the sidelines.
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Cones - 100/$8.95

Another staple of stadium food life. Serve it up so your guests can eat on-the-go.
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Team Spirit Utensil Set - $4.25

Be nonchalant and provide the right colored utensils to show your team spirit.

Serving Tray - $6.75

Arrange the food on this tray to emulate a stadium feel.
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Sushi Mat - 10/$13.75

This mat can be laid down under the food display to appear as a painted field.
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Custom Engraved Coasters - $17.95

Any sports image can be put onto these coasters, tying together the event's feel.
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