Chinese New Year Gift Ideas


Unique gifts to give in order to celebrate the Spring Festival

Celebrate being fortuitous by spoiling your loved ones! In the wake of the Lunar New Year, it is customary to send gifts as a signal of gratitude. If your plan it to give a gift along with a red envelope filled with money, or food samples, here is a list that is filled with inspiration for a more personalized approach. Special, one-of-a-kind, and fun gift ideas for any of the people on your list.

For centuries, the labyrinth has symbolically held a notion of wholeness. The circle made with a spiral emulates a winding path to finding one's purpose. It is used as a meditation and prayer tool.

Soaks up water and prevents slipping on wet floor. Even airflow from it being raised helps it to dry quickly. Comes in a variety of sizes and styles

Powdered tea has been a delicacy since the Tang Dynasty (around the years 618-907). The ritual of preparing and consuming the tea was made popular by Zen Buddhists. This set comes with ceramic bowl, tea whisk, ceramic rest tray, chashaku scoop, teaspoon, and a large tray to hold everything on. Multiple color and package size options available. Can also buy any of these items individually.

Keep the tea powder clean and accessible with this display holder. Makes transferring powder easy. Comes with chashaku scoop.

This tumbler comes with a removable tea infuser so you can infuse tea while on-the-go. With holes small enough to prevent leaves from escaping, this is perfect for those whom use both tea bags, and those whom like to use loose leaves to make tea. Comes in 10oz and 12oz sizes.

Bamboo is naturally a wonderful choice as a cutting boar composition. It is anti-bacterial and has reinforced strength. There are multiple size and shape options. You can even get one in the shape of the state you live in! Custom engraving on any board is an option as well.

Made of giant timber bamboo, this purifier is not only made of natural products, it also makes the air you breathe more natural. It improves indoor air quality by absorbing allergens, odors, and other harmful bacteria and chemicals. The bamboo charcoal even absorbs the radiation emitted from regular home electronics. Comes in 2 sizes and a variety of colors.

Bamboo Placemats
Made with bamboo and a cheesecloth backing, these contemporary placemats enhance the appearance of any kitchen table. Durable and keeps the tablecloth under it safe from spillage. Multiple patterns available.

Buy the Bamboo Placemats here

Bamboo Straws
This is the last straw anyone will ever need. Individually handcrafted, these straws are eco-friendly, reusable, and original. Each straw is around 7 inches long. Comes with a cleaning brush that fits all the way through the tube. 

Buy the Bamboo Straws here

Year of the Rat Socks
Celebrate the year of the Rat with cute crew-length fuzzy socks! The interior thermal fleece lining is extra thick, ensuring superior warm for any wearer. Comes in a variety of animals.

Strong enough to withstand any meal. Reusable and sturdy. Comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

For preparing the rice in sushi. Two size options. Comes with sushi mats and paddles. Also, each item seen here is available to be bought separately.

Perfect for sushi preparation. Comes with rolling mat, rice paddle, rice spreader, sauce dish, and cutting/display board. 

Great for holding sushi, dipping sauces, and tiny desserts. Comes with tray, sauce dish, and chopsticks. Also available in bamboo color.

Sushi ahoy! This beautiful and unique boat serves as a tray to display sushi rolls. Dinner guests will love how fun these are! Comes in 3 varying sizes.

Serving sushi just got a whole lot easier. These trays are the perfect size to fit sauces or individual sushi pieces with. Includes 6 dishes and 6 pairs of chopsticks.

Cut from a bamboo stock, no two are alike! Reusable and interesting, it will surely create an ambiance at the dinner table. Great for holding sauces, utensils, finger foods, small snackable items, and flowers. Comes in the two style options seen above.

Steaming made simple. Preserve the nutritional value of vegetables by steaming. Can be used for anything - from chicken to dim sum. 

Cone-shaped handling is no longer awkward with this stand. Hold all your hand-rolled sushi or other conical items with one of these stands. Also comes in circular shape, rectangle, half-circle, and two-tiered options.

Get the bonsai lover in your life all the essential tools for upkeep. Use the rake to separate roots, or the brush to clean off moss. Individual tools as well as complete sets are great gifting ideas.

Copper colored succulent planters are uniquely elegant and match most any interior decor. Complete with drainage hole, ensuring longevity in the life of the inhabiting plant.

Give the gift of serenity with these pots and stand. Great for bonsai, cacti, or succulents. Vertical stand is to help with drainage, while simultaneously bringing aesthetic pleasure to its viewer. 

Give the human animal in your life their lunar calendar counterpart. These zodiac animal likeness are a fun and simple way to celebrate the New Year. Ox, goat, and donkey available.

Buy Demdaco Figurines here

Commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is known for its therapeutic benefits and also for increasing energy levels and cognition. Ginseng root is great for making teas, soups, smoothies, or to snack on its own.

Want to give something more personal? Having something custom laser engraved is a fun way to show your love. Available for cutting boards, serving trays, coasters, plaques, pizza peels, spoons, bathmats, picks, and skewers. This way, you are sure to not be giving the same gift as someone else!

Choose from or create your own Custom Engraved Products here

In case you forgot, here is a list of gifts you should never give for the Chinese New Year (1): 

  • Handkerchiefs. They are considered a parting gift.
  • Sharp objects. It signals "cutting ties."
  • Shoes. An item to wear away, symbolizes leaving. Also the word for it is similar to bad luck.
  • Mirrors. Fragile; breaking them is a bad omen. Mirrors are also an important part of Feng Shui, and placing one facing the wrong direction leads to misfortune.
  • Clocks. The word sounds just like the word for "end." Exchanging one as a gift is like suggesting it is the end of the receiver's life.
  • Pears. Gifting a pear is much like saying there is to be a permanent separation of a friend or family member.
  • Umbrella. Similar to the word "split," an umbrella seems as though the giver is eliciting a split between them and the recipient.
  • Hats. Giving the wrong color hat can be interpreted strongly negative. It is best to avoid giving hats altogether.
  • Wallets/purses. Giving one as a gift is an omen of sending one's fortune away. It is only acceptable to give to a spouse due to money staying within the family.
  • Belt, tie, or underwear. These items are considered too intimate. Gifting is insinuates wanting to have a closer relationship with that person.
  • Chrysanthemums. Usually only given in time of mourning.
  • The Number 4. The pronunciation of "four" is much alike the word for "death."
  • Black or white. These are both funeral colors, it is commonplace to avoid giving these colors as any type of gift.


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