Why Use Bamboo Utensils

Why Use Bamboo Utensils

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of bamboo utensils are? You’re not alone. As consumers around the world have been growing more eco-conscious about the environmental impact of using things made out of plastic, naturally renewable products such as bamboo utensils have been growing in popularity.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Utensils?

1. Environmentally Friendly 

The first benefit of bamboo utensils is the environmental benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is a highly renewable extremely fast-growing natural material. This makes it ideal for utensils and other cooking equipment, since it can be so easily produced without even killing the plant. It is also biodegradable which makes it great for disposable utensil sets.

 2. Strong and Durable Utensils 

The second awesome benefit of bamboo utensils, is that they are strong and durable. Bamboo is much stronger than traditional woods while also being lightweight. This makes them ideal for camping, travel, and hiking utensils.

3. Safe to Use with Cookware 

Thirdly, bamboo utensils are safe to use with non-stick cookware. Metal utensils will scratch your pans and leave damage, while the soft edges of bamboo are safe and keep your pots and pans in great condition.

 4. Attractive Appearance 

Bamboo utensils are also widely regarded for it’s elegant and natural appearance. They are great for adding a natural looking touch to any home or kitchen in addition to being great for restaurants, bars, catered events, and weddings.

 5. Affordable Price 

Bamboo utensils are also extremely affordable and inexpensive. They are cheap enough to be used as disposable utensils for events but also sturdy enough to be re-used with proper care. This makes them great for all around use.

How are Bamboo Utensils Made?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of bamboo utensils you may be asking yourself how these utensils are made in the first place. The first step in the production process involves harvesting the bamboo to be used for the utensils. Once this bamboo is harvested, the utensils are then hand cut into the pieces used to make the individual utensils.

 In our BambooMN brand utensils we do not use any glue or adhesive in our products, which makes for a stronger and more durable utensils. After the bamboo is harvested, cut, and shaped, it is finished on a sanding belt to give the utensils and smooth and polished look. Some of our utensils are also finished with a food-safe oil to keep them preserved and in good shape.

Caring For your Bamboo Utensils

How to Wash Bamboo Utensils

With proper care you can extend the life of your bamboo utensils and get maximum enjoyment out of your natural product.

 Firstly, when it comes to cleaning your bamboo utensils it is highly recommended to hand wash only. You can gently wash your utensils with a mild dish soap. It is recommended to dry the utensils immediately after washing. If you allow the item to sit wet for an extended period of time, they will wear our very quickly, so try to dry them immediately after washing.

Can You Put Bamboo Utensils in the Dishwasher?

We do not recommend placing your bamboo utensils in the dishwasher. They will wear out much faster if you do. We have some customers that do anyways, and run them on mild cycle, and they seem just fine. But again, we do not recommend it. If you are going to place them in a dishwasher, it would be best to use on the top shelf only, on a mild cycle, and take them out and dry immediately.

Do Bamboo Utensils Need to Be Oiled?

Bamboo utensils don’t need to be oiled, but oiling them periodically can extend the life of them and return them to great condition. If you notice your utensils starting to look or feel dry apply either a mineral oil or a bamboo conditioning oil to the utensils to re-hydrate them. Best practice is to apply a few drops to a clean cloth and rub it all over the utensils. Then let the utensil sit for one to two days to let the oil cure. After this process your utensils should look and feel new again!

Are Bamboo Utensils Reusable?

One of the many benefits of bamboo utensils, is that in addition to being inexpensive, they are also strong and sturdy enough to be reusable! With proper care you can get a lot of life out of your utensils

How Long Do Bamboo Utensils Last?

Ultimately it depends on how heavily the utensils are used, and how they are cared for. We have had some customers use our utensils for multiple years with no issues. Eventually your utensils will need to be replaced though, so keep that in mind.

Are Bamboo Utensils Disposable?

If you’re a restaurant or caterer looking for a good disposable alternative to plastic utensils you may consider a natural product like bamboo utensils. Although bamboo utensils are sturdy enough to be reused, they also make a good disposable utensil set, because they are so inexpensive. You will find they also add a touch of class and elegance over traditional disposable utensils.

Are Bamboo Utensils Good for the Environment?

Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant. This is why bamboo is considered great for the environment. Bamboo utensils are also good to use because they are a great alternative to plastic utensils. We all know plastic is harmful for the environment, and cutting down on plastic consumption should be something every eco-conscious person takes into consideration in the decisions they make.

Where to Buy Bamboo Utensils

We at BambooMN carry a huge selection of bamboo utensils. From dinner utensils, cooking utensils, tongs, and mini serving utensils, we have everything. You can shop our selection here.


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