7 Reasons Why Bamboo Cutting Boards are the Best

Cutting boards comes in different materials such as wood, plastic, glass, marble or granite. But recently, bamboo cutting board has become more in demand as people discover the benefits of bamboo. Below we give you 7 reasons why bamboo cutting boards are the best for you and your kitchen.

1.) Green, Renewable and Eco-Friendly Resource

Bamboo is an environmentally sound choice and great alternative to plastic or glass. Bamboo grows extremely fast and is ready to harvest after a few years. After harvest, bamboo does not need to be replanted to regrow which is why bamboo is considered grass and not wood. Knowing that bamboo is easily replenished, purchasing a bamboo cutting board is a decision you can feel great about.

2.) Hard and Durable

Bamboo is known to be lightweight but is actually considered stronger and denser than maple, walnut and cherry wood which makes it an excellent choice for a cutting surface. Bamboo is actually 16 percent harder than maple. Having a hard surface resists deep scratches and will last longer than other cutting boards. Even though bamboo cutting boards are hard, they are also soft enough not to damage your knife, which leads us to our next point.

3.) Knife Friendly Surface

Bamboo cutting boards will not dull your knife as quickly as other cutting boards, ensuring that your knife stays sharper for longer. When using your knife, you are hitting individual strands of grass rather than a solid surface therefore your knife stays sharp. Do note, you also won’t see as much knife marks on your bamboo cutting board compare to other cutting boards.

4.) Non-Absorbent Material

Bamboo cutting board are less porous so it will not absorb liquids as easily as wooden boards which makes them less prone to cracking and splitting. With it being less porous, bamboo cutting board will not leave any odor behind and will resist to staining meats or certain vegetables. Bamboo are also more resistant to bacteria and can last longer compared to wooden boards.

5.) Bacterial Resistance

Bamboo are also more resistant to bacteria and can last longer compared to wooden boards due to its ability to fight bacteria. Also due to the fact that bamboo absorbs less liquids and resists to scarring from knives, they are more resistant to bacteria as well. With this in mind, we can say we are making a wise decision.

6.) Natural Appearances

Many chefs or cookers love the natural sleek look of bamboo. Bamboo cutting board will bring a modern elegant look to any kitchen. They can blend nicely with any kitchen d├ęcor or tools as well. Since bamboo cutting board does not leave any scarring, odor, or stains behind, you can display your smooth cutting board on your kitchen counters without worries.

7.) Low Maintenance

Since bamboo cutting board does not absorb liquids as quickly it won’t absorb odors or stain from your food which makes it simple to wash and combined with monthly oil treatments to preserve its longevity. All you have to do is simply wash it with warm soapy water after each use. When working with raw meat make sure to sanitize it with white vinegar or diluted bleach solution after each usage. If you want to restore the surface all you need to do is sand lightly with fine sandpaper and apply mineral oil to prevent it from drying out. Bamboo cutting board are so low maintenance you won’t want to go back to wood or plastic cutting board ever again.

Therefore, with these seven wonderful reasons, you will see and know why bamboo cutting board are the best cutting board to own and have. These reasons also show why bamboo cutting board are more in demand now than it was ever before. Bamboo cutting board are eco-friendly, hard, knife friendly, non-absorbent, bacterial resistance, beautiful and low maintenance, what more can you ask for. Once you make the choice to switch over, you know you will never go back to wood or plastic cutting boards. If you are planning to make a switch today or anytime soon, click here to check out our various selection of bamboo cutting boards. There is a style for everyone.


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